Check out our commonly asked questions about the pet fair

 When is the 2019 Pet Food Express Bay Area Pet Fair?

Save the date! The 9th Annual Pet Food Express Bay Area Pet Fair will be held on September 14 & 15 at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton, California. We hope to see you there!

 How much does it cost to attend?

Admission and parking are free! Most activities at the Fair are also free, including entertaining shows, live music, demos, fun stuff for kids, and tons of samples and goodies. 

How much are pet adoptions?

Adoptions fees are an important part of our non-profit rescue partners' work, and fees vary by adoption group.

What is the adoption process for each group?

Each group will have their own process; some groups have an application to be filled out and will interview the prospective adopter. Others, especially with specialty dog breeds, may want to do a home visit or check with a landlord. Many groups accept applications in advance so you can be pre-approved on the day of the Fair.

Can I bring my dog to the Pet Fair?

All well-behaved pets on leash are welcome, and we will have activities specifically for your furry family members! However, since it will be crowded, if your pet doesn't enjoy being around other animals or crowds of people, it is probably better to let them stay at home.

Can I re-home my dog, cat or other pet at the Pet Fair?

No. The pet fair is strictly for rescue and shelter adoptions, not for owner surrenders. You will need to contact a rescue group separately from the Pet Fair to see if they can help you re-home your pet.

What happens if my adopted pet ends up not being a good fit in my home?

All rescues and shelters attending the Fair want their pets to find lasting forever homes! If for any reason you find that your new pet is not an ideal fit in your home, the our partners will gladly work with you to find the most positive and appropriate solution, including taking back the pet and finding a new adopter if necessary.